ACS COMPOSITE was established in 2014 with 100% domestic capital as a result of 25 years of experience and provides a wide range of parts supply and increases the product range with the support of R & D and P & D provided to its partners.

Centered in Izmir-Turkey, Our company, which has a production area of 4000 m2 including a confined zone 2000 m2 with more than 50 employees.

Our company is active in the production, design and assembly of various composite epoxy parts reinforced with glass and carbon fiber (automotive, rail systems, construction machinery, defense industry, energy, maritime sectors) and parts production, design and assembly for mobile vehicles-modular structures, is expanding its service area based on the advantages of composite materials.

Located 25 km from the airport and 50 km from the port, ACS COMPOSITE has a continuously positive accelerated corporate structure that is known in the composite sector with its dynamic team open to continuous improvement as well as its logistic advantages.


Create groundbreaking well-designed and functional composite innovations, make our products sustainably in the national and global spectrum, and build a creative and diverse global team.


Bring inspiration and innovation to every sector, which needs composite parts in the world.